Alex J Newman

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Welcome to my website which is all about me and what I am upto these days. Enjoy :)

Well for my many sins I am now living im Bracknell in Berkshire a far cry from my home town of Egham (Surrey).
My average evening now consists of having a few glasses of vino collapso with friends (all very good).

My Order of Priorites:

  1. World Domination (Obviously)
  2. To Make It Past 35
  3. Make My First Million by 40

Alex Newman

Well what have I been upto, well lots really. I run my own internet website design, SEO and consultancy company which if that did not keep me busy enough I also run my own website hosting company and now an online energy saving business called Energy Saving Products Ltd, Please Click Here.

Best Quotes

• Life is far to short. By Someone
• I have another hangover. By Alex Newman
• Action is eloquence. By William   Shakespeare
• Do not worry about your difficulties in   Mathematics. I can assure you mine are   still greater. By Albert Einstein
• A love for tradition has never weakened a   nation, indeed it has strengthened   nations in their hour of peril. By Sir   Winston Churchill
• Poverty is the parent of revolution and   crime. By Aristotle